Crime Writing

Hawa Jande Golakai


Date: TBA
Duration: 2.5 weeks
Time: TBA
Class size: 10 max
This class will take place online via Zoom and is open to students from anywhere.

DIVERGENT – Introduction to Liminal Crime Writing

  • Shapeshifting beyond the Standard: genre writing beyond the literary; new crime styles, characters and barriers; shifting from idea to incendiary storyline
  • Mixed Messages: portrayals of ‘good’, ‘bad’ & the ‘other’ in literature and pop culture; shaping credible protagonists, antagonists and background characters
  • Setting the Stage: creating a mood via scenery; building a pacey plot and defining character motivation
  • Imagining the Infinite: oral vs written storytelling in African culture; incorporating our identities into crime writing
  • Hook, Line or Stinker: expertly subverting tropes; the pitfalls of weaving a story from your imagination vs basing it on real life experience; Sherlockian storytelling

Each module will be accompanied by a task/challenge. The challenges will be broadly creative in nature and paired with a writing exercise, to be completed and shared at the start of each new session.

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