Fiction Workshop

Troy Onyango

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Date: Sundays, 28 January – 14 April, 2024
Time: 2-4PM GMT
Duration: 12 weeks
Class size: 6 max
This workshop will take place online via Zoom and is open to students from anywhere.

This is a creative writing workshop, in which students will read ‘as writers,’ mining the work we read for lessons in craft, discussing the texts with a view to understanding their construction, and identifying what can be learned and applied to our own writing practice. Our readings include short stories and novels, all differently structured, some ‘realistic,’ some grounded in memory, some in close sequences of scene, others in dialogue and performance, and some explicitly employing elements of ‘the fantastic.’ In response to our readings, and drawing guidance from them, the participants will be able to produce outstanding work.

Week 1: Introduction and Beginnings

Week 2: Narrative, Plot and Sub-plot
Workshop 1: Group 1

Week 3: Point of View
Workshop 2: Group 2

Week 4: Character
Workshop 3: Group 3

Week 5: Theme
Workshop 4: Group 1

Week 6: Place and Setting
Workshop 5: Group 2

Week 7: Writing Break

Week 8: Language, Style and Tone
Workshop 6: Group 3

Week 9: Dialogue and Interiority
Workshop 7: Group 1

Week 10: Show, Don’t Tell
Workshop 8: Group 2

Week 11: Cliffhangers and Endings
Workshop 9: Group 3

Week 12: Editing and Publishing Talk

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