Writing Horror


Date: Saturday, 29 October 2022
Time: 2PM GMT
Duration: 2 hours
Class size: 20 max
This masterclass will take place online via Zoom and is open to students from anywhere.

Good horror stories place their characters in settings/situations that the readers will find relatable. A common theory is that the more a character’s environment reflects the reality of the audience, the higher chances there are of the audience feeling terrified when the character is placed into moments of scare. Also, the ability to expertly wield a reader’s emotion and steer it in any desired direction is an important skill a writer of horror must possess. In this masterclass, Nuzo Onoh, hailed as the Queen of African Horror, and author of several books including the novel Dead Corpse and the collection of ghost stories Unhallowed Graves, will teach you how to write great horror that doesn’t fall victim to tropes and clichés existing within the genre. You will learn the balance between the ordinary and the grotesque, and how to create unique worlds infused with relatable fears. This masterclass is open to writers from anywhere and at all stages. In the end, you will be armed with the skills required to write a horror story that hooks your audience and, perhaps, serves as a medium for examining diverse human conditions.

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